Training & Development Specialist, Customer Service


Opening: May 17, 2022
Closing: June 17, 2022

About the job

The Training & Development Specialist is responsible for the ongoing skill development trainings for the North America Customer Service team.

What you will be doing

  • Responsible for reviewing Customer Service training program and supporting services including identifying course content requirement, appropriate delivery mediums, and resources to deliver training.   
  • Deliver training programs through instructor led, online, blended and documentation driven delivery processes. 
  • Collaborate with Customer Service Management and staff, and contracted overflow partners to create a positive end‐to‐end experience for all employees involved. 
  • Train new hires and weekly training for current and new reps. 
  • Oversee skill advancement training (Order Processing, Sales Support, Commissions, Tech Support, Global Market, Assist, etc.). 
  • Track performance, provide actionable data and feedback to agents, coaches and manager. 
  • Work collaboratively with other department leads to ensure training programs and processes are aligned and relevant to critical business priorities. 
  • Evaluate Modere’s customers’ experience with call center agents, as needed.
  • Evaluate agents’ soft skills (tone of voice, empathy, patience, etc.). 
  • Participate in call calibration sessions to maintain consistency.   
  • Maintain and develop internal support and call center quality standards; review agents’ conversations (calls, emails, chats, etc.). 
  • Accompany evaluations with specific, meaningful and constructive feedback to help agents improve their performance through constant support. 
  • Map the need for training and onboarding programs and initiate these projects.

Skills and experience we would like to see

  • Strong Project Management skills.   
  • Proven track record in coordinating and managing the build out and delivery of training systems.   
  • Strong ability to collaborate and effectively partner with all organization levels and third‐party contacts in a dynamic and maturing initiative.   
  • Strong competency in content, process, and metrics development.     
  • Implement training services, process and manage the continuous improvement feedback loop.   
  • Experience advising business leads on strategic solutions that drive superior performance.
  • Strong interpersonal skills ‐ both internally and with customers and business partners.   
  • Self‐motivated.   
  • Persuasive management skills.   
  • Strong communication skills; written and verbal.   
  • Proven history of adding value through creativity and hard work. 
  • Location: Springville, Utah
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